Novavax, Inc. is a global biotechnology company committed to helping address serious infectious diseases globally through the discovery, development and delivery of innovative vaccines to patients around the world.

Our mission

We never rest in our quest to protect the health of people everywhere.

Novavax is here to make a difference. We're a biotech company focused solely on developing life-saving vaccines to fight infectious diseases.

Our commitment is backed by solid science tested by decades of research, vaccines developed from trusted technology and a global network that will help to ensure that our vaccines reach everyone who needs them.

Our ESG Approach

Novavax is on a mission to protect the health of people everywhere and follow the highest standards of corporate governance. Learn more about our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

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Selected local leaders

Alvar Paz
Alvar Paz
General Manager,
Commercial Strategy,
Dirk Poelaert
Dirk Poelaert
Senior Director,
Medical Affairs,
Paul McIntosh
Paul McIntosh
Country Director,
Commercial Operations,
United Kingdom
Novavax in Europe

Novavax AB
Novavax AB is located in Uppsala, Sweden. This facility is responsible for research, development and production of our saponin-based adjuvants. Our Matrix-MTM is used in multiple vaccine candidates to enhance the immune response and stimulate high levels of neutralising antibodies.

Novavax CZ
Novavax CZ, located in Bohumil in the Czech Republic, was established in 2020. The facility is a state-of-the-art vaccine and biologics manufacturing campus dedicated to producing vaccines that help protect global health.

Novavax EU
From 2022, Novavax started to develop commercial hubs throughout Europe, with the regional main office in Zurich, Switzerland. Additional offices are now also established in Brussels, Belgium and Barcelona, Spain.

Novavax office locations in Europe
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